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Design: ALPP Studio

And Cut loves the ceilings. Especially those of large classy stores where you really want your products to stand out and, at the same time hide everything else.

Cut provides a clear and elegant solution with a possibility to integrate everything into it. From flexible spots and linear luminaires to cameras and loudspeakers. It gives maximum modularity, leaves your ceiling clean and your customer’s attention focused.


Show your products at their best
With spots you will keep focus on your products or on anything you want. Other things will discretly move behind the scene.
Maximum flexibility
You can adjust the spots in all directions. Besides the spot itself, the set also includes console fastening mechanism, track adapter with integrated FO/DALI driver and a cable inbetween.
Move the spot, not the track
You can mount the spotlight on both sides of the track. If you want to change its position, just move the spot.
What mood do you prefer?
Set the right mood with proper optics. Choose the narrow-angle for focus and contrasts or wider angle for more uniform illumination.
Pipes Cut TRS
720 - 3400 lm
827, 830, 840, 930, 940
DECO optics
28°, 36°
PRO optics
15°, 30°, 36°, 56°