A traditional parking garage resident

It's popular for the mix of functions,
fast installation and affordability. With
the presence sensors, it has the potential
to decrease energy costs, making it appropriate for parking spaces, lit only
if someone is present.

With quick connectors and click and lock system, the luminaire can be installed
within minutes. 


Your partner in hash temperatures!

Say hello to this functional luminaire,
that has been recognized as a good
solution in places where temperatures
go as low as -35 °C.
Ideal for cold storages!
As it is created for lower temperatures!
Polar is perfect for your cold storages
and freezers.

Fast and easy installation

Stainless steel clips and quick connector enable to install your luminaire within minutes.
Quick connector
Fast and easy connection
without opening the fixture.
Stainless steel clip
Included with polar version and
LED version with 145 mm width. 
additional options on request
Suspension chainset
Set your suspension chain up to 4 m.
Quick connector
Fast and easy connector
without opening the fixture.
See tech specs
See tech specs
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