A traditional parking garage resident

It's popular for the mix of functions,
fast installation, and affordability.
With the presence sensors, it has
the potential to decrease energy costs,
making it appropriate for parking spaces,
lit only if someone is present.

With quick connectors and click and
lock system, the luminaire can be
installed within minutes.


Affordable and fast to install

Functional luminaire, with IP 66.
Your garage buddy!
It provides uniform light distribution in space,
presence sensors installed to decrease the
energy costs, liting up only when someone
is present.
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
PRO Optics
Brings out colour and creates
contrast in the ambient.
Learn more about active cooling
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
An ideal pick for lower ceilings 
One of its advantages is also an even illumination of the products when the
ceiling is low. 

2 sizes, many
power options

Chose the right option depending on
your needs or space heights.

Fast and easy installation with clips

Stainless steel clips and quick connector enable to install your luminaire within minutes!
Quick connector
Fast and easy connection
without opening the fixture.
Stainless steel clip
Included with Polar version. For LED
version with 145mm width order separately:
707120986  Set 8 pcs for length 1277 mm
See tech specs
See tech specs
Your Own Light